Hello Friends, Today In this tutorial, I will show you How to find WIFI password using Command Prompt.  Note: You can only find passwords which are already saved in your Laptop. It means with this trick you can only find passwords of the networks with which you were connected earlier. If you are trying to hack your neighbor's Wifi password then this is not the right place for you.

How to find Wifi password using Command Prompt

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Steps to find out your wifi password using command prompt are as follow:

  1. Open Command Prompt using Run as administrator.

  2. Type Command Netsh wlan show profiles and then hit enter.

  3. It will show you all the saved wifi networks with which you were connected at some point in time.

  4. Now use the up key in your keyboard to repeat the same command as previously.

  5. In front of the last command, type the exact name of the SSID whose password you want to find out and hit enter.

  6. Now it will show you all the details of that particular Wifi profile.

  7. Again use the up key to repeat the previous command.

  8. This time type key = clear and hit enter.

  9. Now It will show you key content in security settings.

  10. The Value of key content is the password for this particular Wifi Profile.

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