Mailing lists play an important role in the making of any online business. If you know how to build a mailing list then it can make a huge difference to your online success. An opt-in form can make the difference between success and failure in the Internet and Digital Marketing.

In research, It is found that if users leave your website they will never come back again unless they bookmark your website. So for your online success, it is mandatory that your visitors should keep coming to your site and for that, you should capture the contact details of your every visitor using an opt-in form.

The topic of this post is to explain how to catch contact details of your site visitors to build mailing lists so that you can keep in touch with your visitors that would otherwise never visit your site again. But before I go further, let me first explain to you the importance of email marketing.

Importance of email marketing

Email marketing is the easiest and most economic channel for reaching out to potential users. When compared to other marketing channels, email marketing remains the cheapest and the best for the new business. It will take some time for new businesses to do the SEO of their new websites and thus SEO is not the right option for them to drive the traffic to their websites. However, email marketing is the best alternative to drive traffic to their websites.

Sending emails to random people is not worthy of your time and money. Thus it's very important to build the lists of interested visitors only those who are interested in your products, services or content. For that, you should know how to catch the contact details of your site visitors so that you can contact them later with your special offers.

Tools For Email Marketing

For professional email marketing, you need two tools i.e an autoresponder and an opt-in form tool. An opt-in form is one that asks people for their contact details. Usually, this would be their name and email address. You may skip the name because the only thing you need is the email address.

To start this process you have to register with an autoresponder service and a pop up opt-in form tool. GetResponse and AWeber are the two most popular autoresponder services available. These applications provide editable email templates that enable you to design your emails and promotions. OptinMonster is one of the best popup opt-in form tools which provides many designs and easy to edit opt-in templates. The best part is that no coding skills required to use this plugin.

How to catch contact details of your visitors to build mailing lists

If you can persuade visitors to complete an opt-in form that provides you with their email address then you have a way to keep in contact. That enables you to email them on a regular basis and give them enough sight of what you are offering to eventually decide to buy it.


The question arises here how to persuade your visitors to provide you with their contact details. So, for that, you must offer some form of incentives.

Here are some of the examples of the incentives which you can offer free of cost to your visitors in return for their contact details.
  • A report/case study in PDF format.

  • An eBook related to your niche.

  • Any discount coupon

  • A freebie product/service

  • A tutorial/course
Also, make sure not to do this just to get their contact details. If you promise someone to provide a freebie then you should deliver the same. You should keep your promise. This will help you to win their trust.

Use of a Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is a landing page designed to persuade visitors to join your list. The goal of a squeeze page is to convince (squeeze) a visitor to join your list with some most compelling offers or reasons to join. A squeeze page is entirely dedicated to one offer at a time. So, you can present all your offers in different landing(squeeze) pages with their compelling offers.

Timing and designing of a squeeze page are very important. Fortunately, there is an automated tool available which not only helps in designing of the perfect squeeze page but also helps in the timing of the opt-in. For example, it triggers the squeeze page when someone tries to close the browser page with their exit-intent technology. With the help of their exit-intent technology, you can offer your visitors the best and last moment special deals which in turn convert visitors to your customers.

Designing a Squeeze Page

As I already mentioned designing a squeeze page is very important. In squeeze page what matters, the most is how compelling is your offer and not the opt-in form. You can easily design your squeeze page with the help of Optimonster's themes.

OptinMonster supports all popular opt-in form types. Each opt-in form type has its own set of themes. You can choose different types of opt-in forms and place them on different parts of your webpage. Apart from that, there is also an option to select the different types of templates for different types of offers. For example, you can choose the case study template if you want to offer a case study/report or you can simply choose canvas if you want to make your own design using HTML and CSS.

After selecting the campaign template, its time to actual designing of your squeeze page. You can easily design your squeeze page with the help of the visual editor. The visual editor allows you to select different elements on your page and edit their properties like fonts, text, colors, backgrounds, etc, and also you can add images of your own choice. It is very easy to customize your squeeze page with the visual editor.

Optinmonster also provides you the powerful targeting options. You can choose when and where your opt-ins should be displayed. You can select specific pages, specific duration, specific behavior(exit-intent), and devices(desktops, tablets, smartphones) for each offer. These are known as rules. One or more rules can be applied simultaneously on a particular offer.

Another great feature of OptinMonster is the reporting functionality where you can see your visitors, conversions, and conversion rates over a specific period of time. With reporting, you can monitor the performance of your opt-ins. You can also set A/B split tests. Using A/B split tests you can create two similar opt-ins with different texts or headlines and then you can easily compare their performances. This is a very handy tool to optimize your campaigns for better results.


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There are many ways to use an opt-in form to build mailing lists and even more ways to use those lists. If you have a list of interested people, then you should be able to sell those people more easily than to strangers visiting your site for the first time. So, It's very important to learn how to build a list for your online success. If you know how to build a list then you will be able to retain many visitors interested in your site that might have left without taking any action. Some might bookmark your site, but most people do not. If you can persuade visitors to give you their email address then you can keep in contact with people who would otherwise be invisible to you.

OptinMonster which is a completely automated tool for your list building activities helps you to build your list in the most effective and efficient way. However, your success entirely depends on what you offer to your visitors before and after they complete your opt-in form.

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