Did your ad Sense application got rejected? or you are a new blogger & looking for an ad network that lets you monetize your new & low-traffic blog? Today, I will show you the best Google Ad Sense alternatives with very quick approvals for your new and fewer traffic blogs.

There is no doubt that google ad sense is the best-paying ad network but it has a very strict policy regarding advertisements. So the approval process is also very difficult. If you are a new blogger then it is very difficult to get ad sense approval in the first attempt, so I have found several other good ad networks with quick approvals for new bloggers.

So here is the list of Best Ad Sense Alternatives with quick Approvals for newbies

    1. Pop Ads

As name Suggests PopAds is the best pop up and pop-under ad network. They allow all types of blogs including illegal ones, porn sites, poker, Online Games, and other adult content. They don't have any minimum traffic requirements. Account approval is instant and they use PayPal for payments and the best part is that minimum payout is only $5.

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2. Propeller Ads

 Propellerads is one of the best Ad Sense alternatives. It is a CPM network that is best for newbie bloggers. Ad Placement is very Simple and they have a very user-friendly dashboard. You can easily customize your ads and place the code in your blog. you can earn up to $4 for every 1000 views. Account approval is instant and they Use Paypal and Payoneer for payments.

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3. Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits is one of the highest paying ad networks available, However, it won’t pay you anything for clicks or impressions but rather they will pay you when a click converts into successful action like form submission, Email Submission, etc. So you will get paid when the user clicks on the ad and also submit its email or other details. Revenue is very high. You can earn from $10 to $50 per action. Account Approval is instant here as well and they use PayPal, Payoneer, and Bank Transfer.

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    4. Infolinks

Infolinks is a very popular ad network that is best for new Bloggers and you will see the ads on your blog as soon as you place the code on your blog. They offer many ad types and their ad customization is easiest among all. You just need to place single ad code on your blog and you can easily customize your ads from the Infolinks dashboard. Account Approval is also Instant. They rarely disapprove of any blog. They used Paypal for payments and minimum payout is $50

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 So, These are the 4 best alternatives to Google Adsense which I recommend to new bloggers. They all have instant approvals. So just go ahead and sign up for the ad networks which suit your requirements and start to earn money from your new blogs.

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