Microsoft recently launched Windows 10 Creators update on the occasion of the 2nd Anniversary of windows 10. It was launched in April 2017. This update is available free for all users. As its name suggests this update is specially made for the creators who love to build new things using Windows 10. The new update includes some very powerful features. Some of the new features include 3D in Windows 10, built-in game broadcasting with Beam, Game Mode, new tab management features, and more in Microsoft Edge, High DPI Support, and enhanced security features. In this article, I'll cover some new features which are introduced in Windows 10 Creators Update.

What's New in Windows 10 Creators Update

3D in Windows 10

For creative professionals, Microsoft launched a new 3D application known as Paint 3D that will allow you to work on 3D models. It also includes the “View 3D Preview” app that allows you to open 3D models, view, rotate and zoom in. Currently, it supports .fbx and .3mf file extensions. You will also get access to an online community Website where you can find millions of 3D objects. You can also share your creativity in Remix 3D with other professionals.

Game Broadcasting with Beam

With the Creators Update, Gamers will be able to stream games in 4K from their Windows devices including Xbox. It is powered by Beam which Microsoft purchased recently. Microsoft Introduced the broadcast button that allows gamers to stream gameplay to Xbox Live in real-time, and also your Xbox Live friends will get a notification that you are broadcasting.

However, this feature is limited to Microsoft’s own Xbox Live service and it doesn’t support Youtube and Twitch which are popular on PC.

Game Mode

Microsoft Introduced a new “Game Mode” in Windows 10 Creators update. It helps to improve the performance of games by throttling the other applications and processes. You can enable the game mode by clicking the settings icon on the game bar and then check “Use Game Mode for this game” option. You can find Gaming related settings at Settings > Gaming. While Game Mode is on, it gives more resources to the game and fewer resources to other Applications.

Microsoft EDGE Improvements

In Windows 10 Creators update, you will see significant updates in Microsoft Edge. Now you will see a tab preview bar in Edge that shows you a visual preview of every tab you have open. There is a little down arrow icon next to your tabs. You can click the icon to see the tabs. A new tab management feature also includes in Edge that allows you to “set tabs aside” for later and view tabs you’ve set aside and you can even share them with other apps on your PC.

 Pausing the Automatic Updates

There was no way to stop automatic updates of Windows 10 in the previous version. That is one of the biggest limitations with Windows 10. So, In order to overcome this limitation, you will be given more control over the automatic updates of the windows in creators' updates. That is one of the best features in Windows 10 Creators update. You can now temporarily pause updates from being installed for up to 35 days. But Some important updates like windows defender and other security updates, they still continue to install automatically. You can find this in Setting > Updates & Security > Windows Updates > Advanced options where you’ll find the Pause Updates toggle. You can turn on or off manually.

Storage Sense

Storage Sense is the new feature in the Windows 10 Creators update. It will take care of all the junk files, temporary files on your computer. So, If you are not sure enough that which files you should keep or which should be removed from the computer then just turn on storage sense. It will automatically remove all the junk files and empty the recycle bin. You can find storage sense in Settings > System > Storage.

Metered Connection for Ethernet

As of now, In Windows 10, you can only mark your cellular network or hotspots as a metered connection. However, this was not available for the ethernet connection. So what if you are using an ethernet connection with limited data or with data capping. So, In order to solve this problem, Microsoft launched Metered Connection for Ethernet in Windows 10 creators update. You can find this in Settings > Network & the Internet > Ethernet and then click on your Ethernet connection and you’ll find the Set as a metered connection toggle.

DIY Gaming Tournaments

Gaming Tournaments is one of the much-awaited features which is introduced in Windows 10 creators update. This is a treat to the gaming Community. Now, you will be able to start the Gaming tournaments with your friends. This will be available on Xbox Live.

Night Light Settings

Night Light Settings is the new feature in Windows 10 creators update. Now you can control the blue light troubles in your windows computer like you did on your smartphone like Android/ iPhone. You can find this setting in Settings > Display > Night light settings. You can schedule it to turn on at sunset or add specific hours that it stays on. You can also find the Night Light button in the Action Center to quickly make it on or off.

High DPI Support

As of now, Apps look blurry if you use High definition 4k display. It is because apps are not designed to run on a high-resolution screen. But now with windows 10 creators update, you can change the DPI (dots per inch) so as to make the app compatible with High-resolution displays. To enable this just right click on the app and go to Properties. Click on the Compatibility tab and check the box for Override high DPI scaling behavior and from the drop-down menu choose System(Enhanced). This will work for the individual app and will not override your default system settings.


So, all the new features and enhancements in Windows 10 creators update are made for creative professionals. Also, there are a lot of other features and big and small improvements as well. The features which I have discussed above are just the tip of the iceberg and the list could be endless. To Experience all the new features in Windows 10 creators update, Just update your windows and you will see the difference. If you think I miss any important feature then you can write down in the comment section below. Also, don't forget to share this with your friends on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to get all the latest updates directly in your inbox.

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