We all know overheating can cause damage to an Android device. Recently, many people noticed the overheating problem in Android Smart Phones. This is the problem with almost all Android Phones especially when they are on a charge.

This Article is focused on solutions to fix Android Smart Phones Overheating and Battery Drain Problems with ease. This is one of the common problems with Android Phones that everyone wants to fix. While it may be frustrating, there is a wide range of solutions readily available which we can apply to fix this problem.

How to Fix Android Smartphone Overheating and Battery Drain Problems

Like I said earlier, there are many ways to tackle overheating and battery drainage problems in Android Smartphones. These solutions are applicable in almost all of the Android smartphones and I’m sure that their outcome will yield positive results.

Adjust sleep mode and reduce the brightness

Reducing certain settings can go a long way towards removing your overhearing/battery drain concerns. As the brightness level of your Android Smartphone could be the cause of your issues. High Brightness level causes overheating and battery drainage. Lack of sleep time may be another reason. You can prevent the overheating of your Android phone by allowing the device to sleep more often. In many cases, this significantly reduces overheating.

Close Background Running Apps

Background running apps basically is one of the conductors of battery drainage and sometimes might cause overheating. As we know apps are a wonderful invention that allows us to take care of a number of daily tasks. Also, Apps are a great source of entertainment throughout the course of our day.

Also, background running apps not just drain the battery or cause overheating but also it consumes phone memory (RAM) as well. This affects mostly the small end smartphones (1 GB RAM) which can make any smartphone hang. So if your Android smartphone is regularly experiencing overheating, then it means you are running too many apps. Take a moment to look closer at the number of apps you are running and close the ones that are not important.

Avoid The Phone Coming In Contact with Sunlight

Direct sunlight can be deadly for any Android phone. When you allow your phone to experience a sizable amount of direct sunlight, you are placing the device in an incredible amount of long term danger and causing the phone to overheat in the most literal sense possible.

Access to direct sunlight also damages the phone’s ability to hold a charge. Take the proper precautions and protect the device accordingly to avoid future problems. Otherwise, you could be inadvertently causing your own issues by mishandling your Android phone.

Face Up When In Pocket

Facing the screen up when in the pocket prevents overheating and battery drainage. This is because when the screen is faced down in the pocket, The screen comes in contact with your body thereby operating the phone accidentally without you noticing that you’re pressing your phone. This feature is known as a double-tap to wake and it was introduced in Android Lollipop. It’s a good feature but to make it unique without affecting your battery then you need to face up your phone when it’s inside the pocket.

Disable or Uninstall Bloatware Apps

While our smartphones definitely provide us with a great deal of assistance and we can download a variety of useful apps that are immensely helpful, there are also several preloaded apps that can cause a phone to overheat and experience rapid battery drainage. Carriers and manufacturers alike are guilty of adding bloatware to your phone in an effort to line their pockets and if you do not take the time to disable and uninstall all of the least important ones, you may be causing your phone to overheat and by removing a few of these apps, the problems can become a thing of the past though some of the apps cannot be uninstalled directly using your smartphones at least you can Uninstall the ones you can.

Turn off unused Connectivities (Bluetooth, WiFi and Hotspot and other services)

The more services and applications that you are running on your Android smartphone, the more likely you are to experience overheating and battery drain. If your phone is running Bluetooth and WiFi services, this typically drains the battery of the phone and causes Overheating. Take a closer look and turn off all of the services that are anything less than necessary.

Update Apps From The Play Store

You should update your apps directly from the Play Store. This process helps you to close all of the unnecessary applications and remove all of the bloatware from your phone. Apps that are not updated can cause a great deal of overheating and will often lead to unwanted battery drainage since the phone is forced to work much harder than necessary to keep them running. Be sure to check your apps on a regular basis and ensure that they are fully up to date.


There are also some third-party apps that can reduce phone overheating and also boost battery charging. However, most of us think that using third-party apps might not be helpful but actually, it counts. Thus, the work also includes clearing some background running apps and also helps to reduce hanging on an Android phone.


It doesn’t matter which Android phone you are using. If you follow all the above-mentioned steps. You will not face any kind of overheating problem. Also, some of these processes can reduce the hanging problem in small end Android devices.

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