Do you want to accept payments online on your WordPress Website? or are you looking for a solution to integrate a payment form into your website? 

In this article, we will help you to accept payments online on your WordPress website by creating a payment form and integrate it with the payment gateway. So, let's get started.

How to accept Payments Online on WordPress Website Payment Gateway is one of the best and secure payment gateways that allow merchants to accept payments on their websites.

So, the first step is to sign up for the Payment Gateway services. You need to sign up with your business details. Once your application is approved, then you can start accepting payments online on your website.

The next step is the integration of the Payment gateway with your WordPress website. For that, we are going to use the wpforms WordPress plugin.

wpforms WordPress Plugin

wpforms is one of the best drag and drop form builder plugins. With the help of the wpforms plugin, you can easily create forms in your WordPress website just by drag and drop. You can easily create contact forms, feedback forms, registration forms, payment forms, online surveys, email opt-in forms, multi-page and multi-step forms, etc

wpforms has many addons for different integrations and to add different functionality to the forms. For example, It supports all the latest email marketing platforms like Mailchimp, Getresponse, Aweber, Sendinblue, etc to integrate with wpforms.

wpforms also offers an addon that makes life easy and you can easily connect your payment gateway with your WordPress website.

Steps to setup a payment form with wpforms

Here are the steps to create a payment form and integrate it with the payment gateway. 

Step1. Install & Activate wpforms WordPress plugin

First, you need to install the wpforms WordPressplugin.

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Step2. Install and Activate Addon

Once you activate the plugin. The next step is to install and activate the addon for wpforms. For that, Go to addon in wpforms and select addon is available in the elite plan, so make sure you have the elite plan.

Step3. Get API Login ID and Transaction key

Now you need to connect your account with your WordPress website. For that, you need an API Login ID and Transaction key.

Sign in to your Authorize.Net Account

First, get API Key and transaction key from that you need to add to the WPForms payment settings. 

Sign in to your Authorize.Net account. Once you log in to your account, you will see a prompt to set your account on test or live mode. Set your account to live mode. account should be in live mode

Get API Key & Transaction Key in Authorize.Net

Go to settings in your account. 



Go to API Credentials and Keys on the settings page. 


Now you need to note down the API Login Id from the API credentials and keys page.


Transaction Key

Now look for the section that says Create new keys. In create new keys section, select the New Transaction key and click submit. 


After that, you will see a popup message to verify your identity. You'll also see your email address there. To complete your identity verification, click request pin button.


After that, you'll get a pin in your email. Enter the PIN and press the verify PIN button. After you confirm your identity, you'll get a Transaction key. Make a note of this Transaction key. 

Step 4. Enter collected keys in payment settings of wpforms plugin

Now you got API Login ID and Transaction Key. You need to enter these in wpforms payment settings. 


In wpforms, go to the payments tab and scroll down to Enter these values in their respective fields and click save settings. 


Step 5. Create Payment Forms

As your account connects with your WordPress site. Now, you can create enabled payment forms for your WordPress website. 

You need at least four fields in your form to accept payment with

1.     Name

2.     Email

3.     Items field for your products and services

4.     Authorize.Net field to collect credit card details.

Now enable the Payments to start accepting payments from your created form. 

In the same settings, you can also set other options like payment description, customer name, and email for payment receipts, etc.


Now you're all set with the payment form. You can now use this payment form in any WordPress posts or pages and start accepting payments. 

I hope this article help you to understand how to accept payments online from your wordPress Website by creating a payment form and integrate it with payment gateway(

If you need any help regarding the same, you can mention in the comment section.

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