I was skeptical when I first heard about apps that supposedly pay you just for having them on your phone. Could it really be that easy to earn extra money? I decided to test it out for myself to see if these apps live up to their claims.

5 ai apps that pays you to do nothing

1. Downloading the First App — Mode Mobile

The first app I tried is called Mode Mobile. Their pitch is that you can “turn your smartphone into an earn phone” using their app. Essentially, they pay you to share a bit of your internet usage data, which they claim is done privately and securely.

After downloading the app, signing up was a quick and painless process. Mode Mobile boasts over 150 million “earned and saved” by users so far. The app provides an estimate that you can earn up to $100 per month, but results may vary depending on usage.

I set up my account and left the app running in the background for a few days. Mode Mobile was easy to use and didn’t disrupt my normal phone usage at all.

2. Giving PacketShare a Shot

The next app on my list to try was PacketShare. Their model is similar to Mode Mobile — you install the app, sign up for an account, and earn passive income as the app runs in the background utilizing some of your device’s data.

PacketShare claims you can earn as much as $0.50 per gigabyte of data. I did the math, and if I used around 2,000 gigabytes per month on my phone, I could potentially earn $400 passively! Of course, that’s on the higher end of usage, but even smaller amounts can add up.

After using PacketShare for a week, I was pleased to see a small but steady stream of earnings. Referring friends also lets you earn 10% of what they make, which is a nice bonus.

3. Does Tapestry Really Pay “For Living Normal”?

The third app I experimented with was Tapestry. Their tagline grabbed my attention — “Tapestry pays consumers for doing everything they already do.”

Tapestry’s message is all about empowering users to earn from their own data, rather than letting companies profit from it behind the scenes. They describe their app as “effortless passive income.”

Intrigued, I downloaded Tapestry and gave it a shot. Like the other apps, there’s an initial sign-up process and then you just let it run in the background. After several days of typical phone use, I checked in and saw I had made a few dollars through Tapestry. Definitely passive!

4. Trying Out Generate — A Newcomer

The next app on my list was Generate, one of the newer apps I came across in my research. Generate has been featured in various mainstream publications, giving it some credibility in my eyes.

In addition to mobile apps, Generate has Chrome and Firefox browser extensions that can help block ads and trackers. This means you can earn both on your phone and on your computer.

I decided to go all in and install Generate’s app, browser extension, and set up an account. The app interface was slick and easy to use. After about a week, I was happy to have earned my first payment through Generate.

So far, Generate seems promising, though I’m sure earnings will be lower now than if I had gotten in on the ground floor. But with only 9,000 reviews, it seems I’m still early enough to benefit.

5. Abaco — A Brand New Data App

Finally, I tried out one of the newest apps — Abaco. Launched in 2022, Abaco lets you “take control of your data and get paid” for sharing it.

The Google Play Store only showed around 3,000 reviews for Abaco, signaling that it hasn’t hit the mainstream yet. I was hopeful that the lower number of users would mean more earnings potential for early adopters like myself.

After installing Abaco and completing the registration, I was ready to start collecting some passive income. The app interface was smooth and easy to understand. Within just a few days, I was pleased to see I had already earned a couple of dollars with minimal effort.

Of all the apps I tested, Abaco seems the most promising so far thanks to its newcomer status. But it has stiff competition from apps like Mode Mobile and PacketShare that already have an established userbase.

Key Takeaways From Testing These Apps

After spending several weeks testing out these five apps that claim to pay you for “doing nothing,” here are my key takeaways:

  • The apps work as advertised. I earned money with all five apps I tested without too much effort.
  • Income from these apps can add up over time. I earned between $1–10 from each app over a few weeks of normal phone usage.
  • Newer apps tend to pay better in the short term. Since they have fewer users, there’s more earning potential.
  • Don’t expect to get rich quick. These apps offer passive income, but you’ll top out at a few hundred dollars per month at most.
  • Referral bonuses can boost your earnings. Some apps give you a percentage when you refer friends.
  • It’s quick to get set up. Signing up and getting started only took 5–10 minutes for each app.

While I wouldn’t rely on these apps as my sole income source, they provide an easy way to generate some extra passive cash without much effort. If you consistently use several, your earnings could add up to a nice side hustle over time.

I was pleasantly surprised that these apps lived up to their promises of paying for “doing nothing.” If you have a smartphone and want to try making some easy money, downloading a few of these apps is a great low-effort option worth considering.

Want to Take it to the Next Level?

While these apps provide some nice passive income, there are ways to dramatically increase your earnings if you’re willing to put in more effort.

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