In this article, I will share an exciting new way to start earning money online that requires no website, products, or upfront investment. I was skeptical at first, but after testing it myself, I can confirm this method genuinely works! 

How to Make Money by Answering Questions with Chatgpt

In this post, I will explain the full process step-by-step so you can implement it too. I will also share tips I learned to help you get results faster. By the end, you will have everything needed to start making commissions today with just free accounts and ChatGPT.

This passive income strategy involves giving detailed answers to questions posted on Quora, the popular Q&A platform. Here is a high-level overview of how it works:

- Find trending questions in your niche on Quora. Look for recently asked ones to avoid saturation.

- Use ChatGPT to create helpful, in-depth responses to those questions. Ask ChatGPT to structure the answers nicely with bullets and sections. 

- Insert affiliate links from ClickBank for related products into your answers. When people buy through your link, you earn a commission.

- Post your responses on Quora. Then you can relax as they continue generating commissions over time.

The key is finding high-search questions where recommending affiliate products provides value for readers. With the right approach, you can build regular passive earnings without ongoing work.

There are a few reasons this Quora + ChatGPT method works so well:

- Quora receives tons of search traffic. Over 300 million visitors per month. Huge demand for expertise exists there.

- Comprehensive answers stand out. Most Quora responses are low-quality. Detailed, structured answers produced by ChatGPT grab attention. 

- Affiliate links monetize your knowledge. By linking helpful items from ClickBank, you can profit without creating your own products.

- Your responses have longevity. Once posted, your answers keep generating traffic and sales as long as they stay relevant. 

- The combination is powerful. You can use ChatGPT to quickly make content connecting with readers and earning sales on autopilot. There is no faster way to start earning from home.

Step 1: Sign up for Quora and ClickBank accounts 

The first step is creating free accounts on the two platforms we will use:

- Quora – The Q&A website where we will post content. 

- ClickBank – The affiliate network to find products to promote.

Signing up just requires an email address. Once you have accounts, we can begin researching and creating content.

Step 2: Find trending questions in your niche on Quora

Now it’s time to start searching for promising questions to respond to. Here are some tips for finding good targets:

- Use Quora search to find questions about your niche. Try keywords like “weight loss”, “make money online”, etc. 

- Filter questions by time to see those asked recently. Sort by last hour or last day. 

- Look for questions with some upvotes and interaction but without an authoritative answer yet. 

- Avoid questions from years ago as those are likely saturated. 

- Check related questions for more opportunities once you find a good one.

I recommend having a list of at least 20 solid questions prepared before moving to the next step. The more prospects you find, the faster you can start driving commissions.

Step 3: Use ChatGPT to create helpful, detailed responses 

Now comes the fun part — using ChatGPT to generate content! Here are some tips for getting excellent Quora answers from the AI:

- Copy/paste the question into ChatGPT to provide context. 

- Ask ChatGPT to structure the response with sections and bullets. This improves readability.

- Request at least 500 words or a couple paragraphs per answer. Thorough responses stand out. 

- Tell ChatGPT to focus on being helpful rather than promoting any product. Avoid sounding salesy. 

- Ask ChatGPT to cite reputable sources when possible to increase credibility. 

- Generate multiple versions of each response if needed until you get a great one.

Spend time perfecting your answers – this is the hardest part to outsource. The better your content, the better your results will be.

Step 4: Insert relevant affiliate links into your responses  

Now it’s time to add affiliate links so you can begin earning commissions. Here is the process:

- Search ClickBank for products related to the question you are answering. 

- Find 1-3 strong offers with decent gravity scores (30+ is good).

- Generate affiliate links for those offers within your ClickBank account. 

- Insert the affiliate links naturally into the ChatGPT response, such as: 

“Many people have found success losing weight quickly with The Smoothie Diet program [affiliate link].”

Add links a couple of times per response. Avoid being overly promotional. 

The right affiliate products can provide real value for readers while earning you sales. Choose them carefully.

Step 5: Post your responses on Quora

You are ready to publish your answers and start driving traffic! 

- Copy each response from ChatGPT and paste it into the answer submission form on Quora.

- Add any formatting required to make your answers easy to scan - bold key points, break up paragraphs, etc. 

- Consider including an author bio with a link back to your profile to build credibility over time.

- Post at least 5 answers daily at a minimum. Consistency and volume are key to success. 

- Check back often to reply to any comments and maintain your answers.

Once your responses go live, the traffic and affiliate commissions will start coming in automatically over the next days and weeks. 

Tips to Maximize Your Results With This Method 

Here are some additional tips I learned while testing this strategy that can increase your earnings:

- Focus on scaling out rather than up. Post lots of different answers instead of trying to create viral mega-posts.

- Have one call to action per response. Don’t force multiple affiliate links or it appears spammy. 

- Rotate through different offers. Don’t repeat the same product links every time or you'll get flagged.

- Leave affiliate links in older answers. Don’t remove links from past answers even if they aren’t converting anymore. 

- Monitor performance. Check which answers get the most upvotes and engagement, then create more content like those. 

- Reinvest profits to grow faster. Hire freelancers on Fiverr or Upwork to create more Quora responses at scale.

The more answers you can publish, the faster you will see results. Stay focused on consistent output and delivering value, and the sales will come.

Addressing Potential Concerns With This Method

I know some common concerns may come up around using ChatGPT for affiliate marketing purposes, so let me address a few of them:

- Is this method allowed by Quora? Yes, as long as your answers provide value, and affiliate links are added tastefully without over-promotion. Moderators will flag spammy content.

- Could ChatGPT get banned from Quora? Unlikely, as ChatGPT simply generates responses based on the question and prompt provided. There are no data scraping risks inherent to the technology itself. 

- Isn’t this just a shortcut? While ChatGPT makes creating helpful answers much faster, you still need to research good questions, find relevant products, and publish quality content. Effort and strategy are required.

- What about duplicate content risks? The odds are low. ChatGPT generates unique text each time, and you're customizing answers rather than copying other posts. Just focus on adding value.

I've personally been using this process for weeks without any issues. While nothing is risk-free, this method seems here to stay.

Conclusion: A Legitimate Way for Anyone to Earn Money Online  

That wraps up my complete step-by-step guide to earning passive commissions on Quora using just free tools!

While this strategy may seem unconventional at first, it works. In fact, it’s allowing people with no marketing experience, products, or tech skills to start making money online daily.

I hope this post provided value and gave you belief this is possible. The hardest step is just starting. 

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out! I'm always happy to help friends implement what's worked for me so you can achieve the freedom and income you desire.

I can't wait to hear about the success you find with this method! Let me know once you start seeing your first commissions roll in.

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