I’ve discovered a simple yet powerful strategy to generate hundreds of leads per day for my business. And the best part? It works even if you have zero following or don’t want to be on camera.

How to Generate Leads using AI Tools in 2024

My Journey From Struggling to Get Leads to Generating Hundreds Per Day

When I first started my business, I struggled to gain any traction. I had no email list, no social media following, and no clue how to get my offer in front of potential customers. Every day felt like an uphill battle just to get a few leads.

But over time, through trial and error, I developed a system that now allows me to generate hundreds of leads per day — even starting completely from scratch.

And it all comes down to leveraging short-form video content and AI.

Why Short-Form Video Is The Key To Lead Generation Today

Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are heavily favoring short-form video content right now.

YouTube is pushing YouTube Shorts. Facebook and Instagram are prioritizing Reels. TikTok’s entire platform is built around short videos.

Why? Because short-form, vertical video is what users are engaging with most right now.

TikTok’s massive growth has pushed other platforms to adapt so they don’t get left behind.

This shift presents a huge opportunity. By creating short videos tailored to these platforms, it’s possible to get incredible organic reach. The key is learning how to optimize your content.

My 3-Step Formula For Creating High-Performing Short Videos

Through extensive testing, I’ve developed a 3-step formula for creating short videos that generate massive reach.

1. Start With A Strong Hook

The first 3–5 seconds are crucial. You need to hook viewers immediately, or they’ll keep scrolling.

Some effective hooks include:

  • Teasing the value they’ll receive
  • Asking a compelling question
  • Revealing a fascinating factoid
  • Making a bold claim

2. Provide Interesting Content

The middle section of your video should elaborate on your hook and provide truly interesting information.

You want viewers to think “Wow, I’m learning something valuable here!”

Avoid generic, overly-promotional content. Teach, enlighten or entertain instead.

3. End With A Clear Call-To-Action

Every video should end with a clear CTA, like:

  • Comment below
  • Visit my website
  • Sign up for my newsletter
  • Follow me

This turns viewers into leads you can retarget.

Follow this formula, and your videos will stand out in crowded feeds.

The Power Of AI Video Creation Tools

Creating great short-form video content fast can be challenging. This is where AI tools come in.

I recently discovered a platform called ShineRanker that offers an AI video creation tool.

You simply enter a topic, like “How to start a marketing agency.” Then hit generate, and it creates a high-quality video for you automatically!

You can even add custom scripts, background music, animations and voice cloning.

The tool taps into AI image creators like MidJourney to generate visuals. And it uses voice cloning tech like 11 Labs so you can use your own voice or a computer-generated one.

This allows you to instantly produce an unlimited amount of short videos optimized for lead generation. It’s a total game changer!

From Zero To Hundreds Of Leads Per Day

Let me share a real example that demonstrates the power of this approach…

I started a brand new Facebook Business Page from scratch. Within two weeks, using AI-generated short videos, I grew it to over 5,000 followers.

More importantly, my videos are getting hundreds or even thousands of views consistently.

By optimizing my videos and incentivizing comments, I’m able to convert viewers into leads. It’s that simple!

I’m not spending any money on ads. I have zero existing audience to promote to. But by leveraging short-form video and AI, I can generate leads at scale rapidly.

How You Can Implement This In Your Business

If generating highly qualified leads is important for your business, I highly recommend incorporating short-form video and AI into your marketing strategy.

Here are three tips to get started:

1. Claim your profiles on short video platforms.

Set up accounts on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Completely optimize your profiles.

2. Use AI tools to create a backlog of short videos.

Sign up for ShineRanker or another AI video creator. Generate tons of videos around your offers.

3. Post your videos on a consistent schedule.

Post 2–3 videos per day per platform. Focus on one platform for a few weeks before expanding.

If you do this, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can build an audience and generate leads.

Short-form video is the future. AI creation tools make it accessible to anyone. Combining the two can unlock massive growth for your business.

What are you waiting for? Give this a try, and watch your leads skyrocket!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions about generating leads with short videos and AI? Here are answers to some common questions:

How much does it cost to use AI video creation tools?

It can be expensive to use AI video creators like ShineRanker. But I was able to get a discount deal for an annual plan for just $497, versus the normal $97/month. This makes it very affordable to generate unlimited videos.

What if I don’t want to be on camera?

No problem! With ShineRanker, you can choose to create the videos with a computer-generated voice instead of your own. The tech is really impressive now.

Can I embed these AI videos on my website too?

Absolutely! You can download the videos and embed them on landing pages, your blog, etc. I like to embed them on my HighLevel pages to boost conversions.

How long should my short videos be?

Aim for 30–60 seconds in length. You really want to grab attention fast and deliver value quickly before viewers get bored.

How long until I see results?

It depends on how consistently you post videos and optimize your channel. But within 2 weeks, you should start seeing solid traction. Within 2 months, you can generate hundreds of leads per day.

Call To Action

Ready to 10x your lead generation with short-form video and AI? Here’s what to do next:

  1. Comment below this post that you’d like the discount deal for ShineRanker’s annual plan. I’ll reach out with the link.
  2. Check out my other posts for the full short video formula, scripts and lead generation tips.
  3. Share this with any entrepreneurs, marketers or coaches who could benefit from these tactics!

Short videos are the future of content and lead gen. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Invest in video creation tools like ShineRanker, implement my proven formula, and propel your business growth to new heights this year!

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