If you are new to blogging and are serious about your blog then you should focus on Search Engine Optimization of your blog for better ranking in search engines so that you can get better traffic from organic search and hence increase your earnings. There is no rocket science in doing SEO of the blogs. There are some small tips and techniques which you can implement in your blogs to get better ranking. In this article, I will share with you some very basic Search Engine Optimization tips which will help you to rank your blog articles in organic search. If you are using WordPress site then you will find many awesome plugins for your SEO like Yoast SEO(My Favorite) or you can simply use these SEO Techniques. So, Let's get started.

Search Engine Optimization Tips for New Bloggers

1) Keyword Research

Before you actually go ahead and write your articles you need to do some keyword research. You can use any keyword tool like SEM Rush or simply Google Keyword Planner Tool to find the best keywords in your niche. Select the keywords which have good global search volumes and lower competition index. Try to write articles according to these keywords.

2) Article Title and Permalink

After finding the best keywords, you should be very careful in selecting the title of your articles. You can use many title suggestion tools that are available free of cost. Your title should be appealing to the visitors and includes the keywords you are targeting in the search engines. Also, include your keywords in permalink and 5 to 8 times in the content of the article.

3) Quality Content

Quality content plays a major role in your's blog’s success. When you post quality and unique content on your blog people like to read and visit frequently which improves traffic and earnings for your blog and hence SEO.  Also, When people like your content they will share it on social media which improves the backlinks of your blog.

4) Guest Posting

One of the best ways to get huge traffic is to post your articles on top notch blog websites in your niche. You can easily find a lot of blogs that accept guest posts. However, they have some guidelines about content. So, just make sure your article fulfill their guidelines. Whenever readers read your articles, they will visit your blog too.

5) Internal Linking

Internal Linking of different posts and pages in your articles is as important as backlinks. This will engage the visitors in your blog and you can make them read all your related articles too. This will have a great impact on the analytics of your blog.

6) Index your Blogs in Search Engines

Last but not the least, You should submit your blog to search engines like google, yahoo, Bing, and directories to get better search engine rankings. Search Engines will regularly crawl your website and index your content and hence increase the visibility of your content in search results. Also, make sure to submit your sitemap along with your site to search engines.

I hope this article helps you to understand the basics of Search Engine Optimization Tips and Techniques. You can try all these techniques to your blogs and see the result. If you like this article then share it with your friends on social media. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, google plus, linked in, and subscribe to our YouTube channel and our Newsletter so that you will receive all the latest updates directly in your inbox.


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  2. Great list of fundamentals to get started with search engine optimization.


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