Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business so you can work remotely and travel the world? As someone who has done exactly that, I want to share how you can leverage AI tools as a beginner to create passive income streams that can make $100 a day or more.

Best 4 AI Side Hustles for Beginners in 2024

I currently run several online businesses using AI. It allows me to travel to amazing destinations while maintaining income from my businesses, even when I’m on vacation. After using AI to build multiple income sources, I’m confident I can provide advice to help you start earning as well.

Clip and Post Existing Content to Instagram

One of the easiest ways to get started is by creating an Instagram theme page. You don’t need to create your own content. Just use AI tools to clip and repurpose videos that already exist online.

Focus on a specific niche when choosing content to repost. For example, if your page is about cooking, repurpose clips from popular food YouTubers.

An AI tool called Opus.flow makes it simple to clip longer videos into short Instagram-ready clips. Just enter a YouTube URL, and it will automatically extract short segments complete with text overlays.

Repost these AI-generated clips daily to grow your audience. The more content you post, the faster your following will grow. Once you have a niche-specific audience, you can earn commissions by promoting relevant affiliate offers.

I used this strategy to grow personal brand pages as well as monetized theme pages. It takes consistency, but you can realistically gain 1000+ followers per month. And more followers means more potential affiliate income.

Build an Email List and Use AI to Write Emails

Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to sell products and services online. You can use AI tools to quickly grow and monetize an email list.

The key is focusing your list on a specific niche or topic. For example, cryptocurrency or cooking.

One way to build your list is by promoting an opt-in offer on your Instagram theme page. As that audience grows, some followers will join your email list to learn more.

You can also use AI writing tools like ChatGPT to generate emails to send. Just give it a few details about your niche and ask it to write a series of 100-word emails focused on that topic.

The AI will instantly generate dozens of emails you can directly import into your email service. This saves tons of time coming up with email copy yourself.

Once your list is large enough, promote relevant affiliate offers or your own products/services to subscribers. This gives you a source of completely passive income that keeps earning whether you’re traveling or not.

Here are a few great email services to get started:

  • ConvertKit
  • MailerLite
  • AWeber

And be sure to use affiliate networks like Clickbank, ShareASale, etc. to find offers that pay $25, $50, $100 or more per conversion.

Create an Affiliate Marketing Website

Another more hands-on but still relatively easy AI business model is building a niche affiliate website.

Choose a specific topic such as “best vacuum cleaners” or “at-home yoga for beginners”. Create content in the form of blog posts and resource pages that rank high in search engines for those topics.

Monetize the site by linking to affiliate offers for relevant products/services throughout the content. I focus on Amazon and CJ Affiliate since they offer products in almost any niche.

AI tools make building these sites much faster and easier:

  • AI website builders like Hostinger let you create a basic website in minutes
  • Use AI writers like ChatGPT to research topics and generate blog post drafts
  • SEO tools give keyword ideas and help optimize pages

It takes consistency and time for organic search traffic to start rolling in. But within a few months, you can start seeing $100+ days in affiliate commissions. Some topics even more.

I used this to build a business blog at SuccessWithBusiness.com that now earns over $3,000 per month.

Produce YouTube Videos With AI Voice & Editing

YouTube ad revenue sharing and affiliate marketing make it possible to earn passive income from YouTube without ever showing your face.

AI voice generation tools can create voiceovers for your videos. Pair these AI voices with stock footage and templates to produce high-quality videos quickly.

Jarvis, Übervoice, and Voicemod are a few options to create professional voiceovers.

Then use templates, stock footage, and easy editing apps like InVideo to put together great videos in under an hour.

Focus on evergreen topics and be consistent in uploading videos. Even with minimal editing, you can start getting views and subscribers within a few weeks.

Once your channel grows, you can join the YouTube Partner Program to monetize views with ad revenue. Also link to affiliate offers in your video descriptions.

While it takes time to build a profitable channel, this is a completely hands-off income source that keeps paying as your views and subs grow over time.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few AI business models perfect for total beginners. You don’t need tech skills or a huge budget to get started with any of them.

The key is picking a model that fits your goals and interests. Then focus on consistency. Let AI do the heavy lifting while you provide strategy and effort.

If you want my best tips for starting and growing AI businesses, be sure to join my email newsletter using the form below. I send out two emails per week sharing actionable advice and recommendations.

Hope this gives you ideas and motivation to start leveraging AI as a beginner! With the right strategy, hitting $100 per day is very achievable within a few months of consistent effort.

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