Making money online is possible for anyone willing to put in the effort. As someone who has managed to build multiple successful online businesses that earn me a healthy income, I want to share the strategies that have worked for me as a beginner.

Best AI Side Hustles for Beginners in 2024

In this comprehensive guide, I will walk you through the top AI side hustles that can realistically make you $100 or more per day in profit, even if you’re starting from scratch.

Why Listen to Me?

Before diving into the details, let me briefly explain why I’m qualified to provide advice on this topic.

I’ve been able to build various online businesses that allow me to work remotely and live a laptop lifestyle. Whether I’m sitting poolside at a luxury resort or strolling on the beach during an island getaway, I can still earn income passively thanks to the power of the internet.

My success has come from leveraging AI tools and technologies to automate and streamline my online businesses. I’ve been able to travel the world extensively while maintaining steady profits from my ventures.

So if you’re eager to gain the same freedom and flexibility in your life, read on for my best tips.

Side Hustle #1: Upload Short Form Content

One of the easiest ways to get started making money online is to build an audience on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Reels, etc.

The key is to upload engaging short form content consistently. You don’t even need to create the videos yourself. Just repurpose content from influencers or trending videos.

For example, search for popular terms like “YouTuber success” on YouTube and filter by Shorts videos. As you’ll see, many channels are reposting clips from creators like MrBeast, getting millions of views, and exploding their own audience as a result.

By using AI tools, it becomes incredibly simple to turn a single video into multiple pieces of short form content.

Just copy the URL of any video, then head to a site like Their AI will automatically break a video down into shareable clips.

Within minutes, you’ll have high-quality short videos ready to upload across platforms. The AI will even tell you which clips are most likely to perform well, eliminating the guesswork.

Side Hustle #2: Create a Faceless Amazon Affiliate YouTube Channel

Another great beginner option is to create a channel reviewing and recommending products on Amazon through their affiliate program.

The key advantage is that it can be completely faceless. You don’t even need to show your face or record your own voice at any point.

For example, the channel Top 5 Picks releases videos like “5 Best Smart Watches for Kids” every single day. They use stock footage and images while a robotic voice reviews the products.

In the description, they have affiliate links to purchase the products on Amazon and collect a commission on sales. But their identity remains completely anonymous.

The process is straightforward:

  1. Sign up for an Amazon Associates account
  2. Use a tool like Helium 10 to research popular products on Amazon
  3. Ask an AI like ChatGPT to write a script for your video
  4. Use a service like InVideo to create the actual video content

By leveraging AI for product research, script writing, and video creation, you can scale up content quickly and easily.

Side Hustle #3: ClickBank Affiliate Marketing

For those unfamiliar, ClickBank is a massive marketplace connecting digital entrepreneurs with affiliate marketing opportunities.

It’s free to create an account. Then you can browse products to promote across categories like business, fitness, lifestyle, and more.

When someone purchases through your affiliate link, you earn a commission. It’s a proven business model.

Again, AI tools can automate the heavy lifting for you. Start by browsing top offers sorted by gravity, which shows the most popular products being promoted.

For example, a weight loss offer called “Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic” ranks near the top.

Head to a site like AdIntello to quickly spy on ads running for that offer. Filter to find a video ad with lots of views and no face shown.

Study the ad and landing page to understand the funnel. Then have an AI like Jarvis write the ad copy and create the video for your own ad.

Side Hustle #4: Launch a Written Content Website

Creating a website with long-form written content targeted to high intent keywords can also be lucrative. The traffic from ranking well in search engines provides many monetization options.

Consistently publishing quality articles allows you to build authority and awareness around your brand. Income can then come from advertisements, affiliate offers, selling your own products, and more.

For example, I run a website at sharing advice and tips on topics like affiliate marketing, AI tools, building online businesses, and so on.

The goal is to rank content on the first page of Google for relevant keywords. For instance, if you search “AI bots to make money” one of my recent articles shows up near the top.

This brings targeted free traffic to my site, which I can monetize in various ways.

AI can be used to generate article ideas, write initial drafts, edit and optimize content, and even create the website itself these days.

The keys are consistency and providing real value to readers. AI alone won’t cut it. You need to put in work to rank organically. But used correctly, AI can significantly amplify your efforts.

In Conclusion

The common thread among these side hustles is leveraging AI tools to automate the busy work while still maintaining a human touch.

Used ethically, AI will enable you to scale up quality content and free your time to focus on big picture strategy.

Don’t expect overnight results. But by relentlessly testing and refining these models over time, your incomeearning abilities will grow exponentially.

If you’re committed to putting in focused effort on a weekly basis, I’m confident you can realistically achieve $100 per day within a few months.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any other questions! I’m always happy to offer guidance to others wanting to achieve the same kind of lifestyle freedom.

Just remember — your success ultimately comes down to consistency, perseverance, and bringing real value to your audience. Focus on serving others rather than simply trying to make money.

Stay positive, believe in yourself, and execute on what you’ve learned. You’ve got this!

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