AI copywriting is changing the game for new writers trying to make money online. As someone who struggled to break into freelance writing, I want to share exactly how I leverage AI tools to write high-quality, original content that brings in real income.

How to Make Money Copywriting using AI Tools in 2024

My Journey From Video to Profitable Writer

I started creating YouTube videos sharing my journey of making money online. While I got some traction, it was tough turning those views into dollars. That’s when I realized I could repurpose my videos into written content.

After researching tactics from successful bloggers, I developed a system to turn scripts into SEO-optimized articles and pitch to publications. The results blew my mind.

Why AI is a Game-Changer for Beginner Writers

The problem with repurposing content is making sure it’s original. Straight copy-pasting from a transcript screamed duplicate content.

That’s where AI comes in. Tools like Quillbot paraphrase text so it passes plagiarism checks. ChatGPT writes completely custom drafts better than I could on my own as a beginner.

Now I rely on AI writing assistants to help create content that ranks and earns. Here’s exactly how I use it to make money copywriting as a newbie.

Finding Paid Writing Opportunities

The first step is finding sites that pay for written content. Here are my top picks for beginners:


iWriter connects writers with clients looking for copywriting and articles. Sign up for free and bid on open orders in your niche.


Listverse pays $100 for each 1,500 word article. I write “Top 10” listicles based on unusual facts and oddities. Their niche focus makes it easier to get approved.


Lattium is like Fiverr, connecting freelance writers with clients. The platform is smaller, making it easier to win jobs as a new writer.


PeoplePerHour has writing gigs ranging from creative fiction to technical documentation. Building up your portfolio here can lead to repeat business.

The sites above let me earn money online as I built skills and my resume. Next, I’ll show you how I leverage AI to create content that sells.

Using AI to Craft Original Articles

Copying and pasting content from my video scripts into articles would get me in legal trouble. Here are the tools I use to repurpose videos into unique written pieces:


I start by having ChatGPT write a complete draft based on my video transcript. The AI creates an outline covering all the key points in my own words.


Next, I run the ChatGPT draft through Grammarly’s plagiarism checker. This catches any reused phrasing or copied text.


For flagged sections, I paraphrase using QuillBot. Going paragraph by paragraph prevents hitting QuillBot’s word limit for free users.

Google Docs

Finally, I compile the rewritten piece in Google Docs for a final review. Reading end to end, I smooth over any remaining awkwardness from the AI tools.

The process above helps me create publishes articles from my existing videos quickly. Best of all, it’s free!

Pitching My Articles to Publications

With my articles ready, it’s time to pitch publications to earn. Here are some tips for getting your pieces accepted:

  • Target Niche Sites: Look for niche blogs and online magazines focused on your topic. They need relevant content and are often more open to new writers.
  • Catch Their Eye: Write compelling headlines and introductions that grab attention fast. Getting past the initial skim is key.
  • Use Data: Include recent statistics and relevant research to show knowledge and authority. Back up key points with credible data.
  • Know the Guidelines: Review writer’s guidelines thoroughly and follow them exactly. Pay close attention to tone, formatting, and length.
  • Sell Your Expertise: Explain why you’re the perfect person to cover a specific angle. Let your passion and personal experience shine.

It takes some trial and error, but persisting pays off. I now make money writing for both large general interest and niche sites.

Turning My Words Into Earnings

Here are a few ways I monetize my writing skills as a beginner:

  • Direct Payments: Sites like Listverse pay set rates per article. Volume is key to earning substantial income this way.
  • Revenue Sharing: Some publications split ad earnings with writers. My pieces for niche blogs earn me passive income.
  • Sponsored Content: I sometimes write branded articles and guides sponsored by companies. These partnerships bring in premium rates.
  • Sell Services: Once I build a portfolio, I sell my writing skills directly to businesses and entrepreneurs. My expertise commands higher fees.
  • Books: My goal is to eventually turn my most popular articles into short e-books. Self-publishing through Amazon lets writers keep up to 70% of royalties.

The income potential keeps growing as my portfolio and network expands. AI supercharges my writing, letting me scale faster.

My Top Tips for AI Copywriting Success

Here are my key lessons learned for beginners wanting to leverage AI tools to make money writing online:

  • Use AI to draft, not plagiarize. ChatGPT and others are great collaborators, but don’t simply copy their output.
  • Double check for originality. Pass AI drafts through plagiarism scanners, and rewrite flagged sections yourself.
  • Start with repurposed content. Turning existing materials like videos into articles is a quick way to build a portfolio.
  • Pitch publications, not just clients. Getting placed on established sites helps grow your personal brand and credibility.
  • Niche down. Become an expert on a focused topic that needs high-quality content. It’s easier to stand out.
  • Persist through rejection. Many of my pitches get ignored, but eventually my writing starts getting accepted.

Leveraging AI to make money copywriting takes effort, but pays off long-term. These tools make it possible for total beginners like me to thrive as professional writers.

Go Forth and Write!

I hope my story shows that anyone can start earning from online writing, even complete newbies. AI assistants level the playing field so it’s just about putting in work.

Start repurposing what you create already into SEO-friendly articles. Pitch them to publications that pay. As your portfolio grows, so will your income potential.

Most importantly, don’t get discouraged by early struggles. It takes perseverance, but before you know it those articles will turn into your main revenue stream. The opportunities are there for the taking.

So open up that blank page and get writing! The AI tools above give you everything you need to make money online doing what you love.

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