I’m always on the lookout for new side hustles and ways to make extra money online. Recently, I came across a YouTube video that caught my attention.

How to Make Money by Watching Ads in 2024

It was titled “Earn $1.35 For Watching Just 1 Google Ad” and promised easy passive income just from using Google and watching ads.

My Skepticism Sets In

The video claimed you could make over $100 for a single ad view. That seemed way too good to be true. I know from experience that most “easy money” schemes don’t actually deliver.

Still, I try to keep an open mind. Even if it wasn’t $1.35 per ad, it might be possible to earn a little extra cash this way. I decided to test it out for myself and see if this strategy delivered on its promises.

Downloading The Slice Extension

The first step was to download an extension called Slice. This app replaces some of your normal Google ads with their own ads. You earn money when the Slice ads display.

I headed to the Chrome Web Store and found the Slice extension. It had over 70,000 users and a 4.5 star rating, which seemed promising.

After adding Slice to Chrome, I created an account and logged in. The app prompted me to pin the extension to my browser bar. This made it easy to access whenever I started browsing.

Disabling My Ad Blocker

Next, I had to disable my ad blocker. The video stressed this was crucial. Obviously, an ad blocker would prevent any ads from displaying, meaning no potential earnings.

After whitelisting a few sites and fully disabling my ad blocker, I was ready to start watching ads.

Browsing The Web To Trigger Ads

To test Slice, I had to browse the web like normal. The app would automatically display ads and track my earnings.

I pulled up Google and ran some sample searches related to my interests. Terms like “podcast equipment” and “business credit cards” seemed likely to trigger ads.

After searching on Google, I clicked through to a few websites. I made sure to visit pages that would normally have Google ads. Within minutes, I started seeing display ads for things like Fiverr and Google Cloud.

Checking My Slice Earnings

I clicked back over to the Slice extension to check on my earnings. Amazingly, within just a few minutes of browsing I had already earned over 1 cent!

The dashboard showed I had viewed 8 Slice ads so far. I also noticed I earned points called “Slices” in addition to money. I wasn’t sure yet what these were used for.

Even though it was only pennies, I was impressed Slice paid out this quickly. It definitely seemed to be more than just a scam.

Enabling Slice Search Experiment

Next, I enabled the “Slice Search Experiment” as recommended in the video. This replaced some Google searches with Bing sponsored ads.

When I searched again for “business credit cards”, the top result was an ad for Capital One cards. I assume this was served by Bing. The video claimed this feature would increase earnings.

Installing The Slice New Tab

The final tip was to install the Slice New Tab extension. This turned my browser’s empty new tabs into money-making ads.

After adding this, any new tab displayed sponsored headlines along with Google ad links. Just opening new tabs would now generate income.

Trying Surveys For More Earnings

Browsing through the Slice dashboard, I noticed a section for taking surveys. Completing surveys earned points that could be redeemed for cash rewards.

I tried out a quick 5 minute survey about laptop ownership. At the end, I earned 100 Slices. This seemed like an easy way to supplement earnings from the ad views.

Considering The Referral Program

Slice also offered rewards for referring friends. According to the site, I could earn 1,000 Slices (about $1) for each person referred. My friends would get 100 Slices each just for signing up.

Referral programs always make me hesitant. I prefer to earn money directly instead of building out a downline. But for anyone trying to maximize income, referrals could be worthwhile.

Checking The Slice Reviews Online

Before getting too invested, I searched for Slice reviews online. It had over 4 stars on Trustpilot, which seemed decent. Scanning the reviews, most users had positive experiences.

Some mentioned slow earnings, which aligned with my limited earnings so far. But overall, people said Slice delivered on its promises and the money earned was real.

Evaluating My Results So Far

After about 15 minutes of casual browsing and clicking around, I had earned 1 cent from Slice. That’s obviously far below the promised “$1.35 for 1 ad click” from the video title.

However, I was impressed that I earned anything at all in such a short period. Projected out over weeks and months, this could add up to some decent supplemental income.

The key seems to be having Slice run passively in the background while you use the internet as normal. Over time, those pennies would accumulate. It likely works best for people who browse the web frequently.

Is Slice Worth Using? My Final Verdict

While Slice definitely won’t make you rich, I think it is one of the better passive income apps out there. Letting it run while you browse can generate a nice little stream of side cash.

The Slice extension and new tab are seamless and non-intrusive. You literally earn just by browsing as you normally would. Surveys and referrals provide additional money-making options.

Overall, Slice delivers on its promises of passive income from ad views. Just don’t expect to earn over $100 from a single ad click, despite the misleading marketing. With reasonable expectations, it can be a nice addition to your online income sources.

I hope this detailed walkthrough helps explain exactly how Slice works and what results to expect. Have you tried Slice or other passive income browser apps? I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments!

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